Production Range:
NIPPEN TUBES manufactures outlets (pipefitting) of socketweld and screwed connection types. Olets (pipe fitting) are manufactured according to proven designs and from the highest quality materials, the outlet components we supply are suitable for a variety of heavy duty applications. We supply outlet fittings in a number of hard wearing industrial grades to withstand high levels of flow and corrosion.

NIPPEN TUBES manufactures forged outlet / olet fittings to Boney & SAE standard from Classes 2000 lbs to 9000 lbs. We designs & manufactures outlet / olet ( pipefittings) of special type made according to drawing on request.

Olet / Outlet Material Standard Construction Classes in Olet / Outlet
Carbon SteelStainless Steel 2000 lbs.
Alloy Steel 3000 lbs.
Low Temperature Bonney Forged 6000 lbs
Carbon Steel(LTCS) etc 9000 lbs
Stainless Steel SAE 2000 lbs. 3000 lbs. 6000 lbs. 9000 lbs
Alloy Steel -
Low Temperature Carbon Steel(LTCS) -
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